sailor moon in 21st century moe 



W-wipes tears. Switcharound meme by my friends Su, Tou and myself

I had so much fun with this, lining my friend’s drawings and coloring their lines was so much fun!! Q___Q Everything turned out so beautifully, thank you!!

HNNn this came out so lovely I can’t thank you guys enough for inviting me!! ;//-//; Drawing+skyping with Clav and Tou was super fun aaa u///u 

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I’m a closet dingle romper..

implodes from the lack of sailor moon 2013 news 

For the InazumaStars anthology from last summer!! I miss Inazuma a lot…

(Please full-size) 

TBH I don’t like Eternal Sailor Moon’s design that much, I just wanted to draw her scepter

I love Sailor Moon so much—it’s been about 10 years since I last drew fanart of this series but it remains one of my absolute favorites. ; - ;  I CANT WAIT FOR SUMMER 2013 WHEN IT COMES BACK ASLJFD

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in weeks….I’ve been in a slump ever since AX ended. u_u Here’s something I posted on twitter today~ My InaGO shindan OC on the right, and Lacha’s on the left! I should draw them in their actual team uniforms one day lol!!

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Preview of one of the LoK tote bags that I’ll be selling at AX!! 

I’ll post a proper inventory later but as of the moment I HAVE TOO MANY FEELS FOR THE KORRA FINALE TOMORROW SO I’LL POST THIS SEPARATELY…./sobs and spirals into space/ 

This was the old cover for the anthology that Koku made 10x more amazing before we sent it off to the printers! *v* The actual cover looks different, but I wanted to post this one too in part because I haven’t updated in ages. Again, thank you to all the artists who participated. All the contributions were absolutely gorgeous!! And special thanks to Koku and Kai who worked the hardest to make the anthology a reality!! ♥ ♥