the resemblance is so uncanny chiyo must be an evolution of paras (or maybe its the other way around?! :o :o :o)

pokemon crossovers are so fun to draw aa (tho i can only draw pink+round pokemon ><)

repost from twitter!! fe-69min prompt: pokemon!! 

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usagi & moped /(v x v)\

shoujo révolutionnaire 

HBD to the lovely Steph!! I love you~ 

AX C43

Hiya!! Long time no see but i’ll be tabling at AX C43 with my partners-in-crime Cindy and Mirre!!

We will also be debuting a Kill la Kill zine (not sure about online orders atm so get them while they’re still available at AX!!). 


sailor moon in 21st century moe 



W-wipes tears. Switcharound meme by my friends Su, Tou and myself

I had so much fun with this, lining my friend’s drawings and coloring their lines was so much fun!! Q___Q Everything turned out so beautifully, thank you!!

HNNn this came out so lovely I can’t thank you guys enough for inviting me!! ;//-//; Drawing+skyping with Clav and Tou was super fun aaa u///u 

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I’m a closet dingle romper..

implodes from the lack of sailor moon 2013 news 

For the InazumaStars anthology from last summer!! I miss Inazuma a lot…

(Please full-size) 

TBH I don’t like Eternal Sailor Moon’s design that much, I just wanted to draw her scepter