I’m back!!! AP exams went well~ At least now I can relax a little until SATs and finals next month orz;;; gotta start drawing stuff for AX as well asdlfkjDKJFgurgles and here  I am drawing traps what are priorities 

Oh and for AX I’m only going to have about 3-5 inazuma buttons, so I’d like to know which charas people are interested in! Gonna be giving these out at the con~

my friend gave me 5 min to upload this \o/;;; im so in love with tsuritama right now hrnnghh (especially haru baby ////) 

still on exam leave but i hope everyone is doing well!!

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so is pokezumas a thing now

lets make it a thing.

I haven’t drawn my favorite inazuma babies for at least 3 months now lol;;;; 

Designing different outfits is pretty fun haha, even though I’m bad at it! My headcanon double-fubface pokemon team would be: swablu, glaceon, ursaring, froslass, vanilluxe, and cubchoo (TY to ruu and ruby for the pokemon suggestions!! ♥ 

It would be nice if people designed trainer outfits for their favorite inazuma charas, and formulated their own pokemon team…………/pokes pokes nudge nudge/ 

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Ahh so apparently tumblr messes up pictures in png format, so I changed it to jpg and it works now! Please full view though~

Finished my SAT exam today!! \o/

its been literally months since i uploaded crap on tumblargh a—ahaha;;;;

Hiatus Announcement + Anthology Preview

Sorry I haven’t posted art at all these last 2-3 months! @@;;; I’ve been around on tumblr/twitter, though starting today I’m banning myself from the internet for 2 weeks until SAT exams are over. Hopefully I can finish drawings once things get less hectic! ;;___;;

Here are some previews from my part of the Inazuma★Stars Anthology (still working on it on top of other things). Anyway, take care minna~~

Thank you for 2011!! Please read my long mushy letter addressed to all of you if you want…! u///u

(please dont reupload without permission! and as always, full view (◡‿◡✿))

Today is my one year anniversary with Inazuma (lol)! Thanks for sticking with me this year. 

For Inazuma Secret Santa, I am Suyedah’s secret Santa! 

I hope you get everything you wished for this year and for years after! uvu

You are a wonderful and lovely artist and I hope we can continue to be friends next year too! Loveee youuuu!! <33


Collab with Su!! She did the lovely lineart and I coloured ^q^

It’s Amemiya as Cure Sunshine because it just fits so well

This was so fun heh!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

*wipes mouth* 

*wipes nose* 

I LOVE YOU, RUU!!!! It was so cool collabing with you!! (ESPECIALLY SINCE YOU HAVE THE SEXIEST COLORING EVER HUU BOY *wipes nose again*)

For me and Aly’s matching couple icons! Her favorite GO couple is KariyaxHikaru so—!

Tumblr made the pic a little blurry, please fullview! ;;;; 

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