Preview of one of the LoK tote bags that I’ll be selling at AX!! 

I’ll post a proper inventory later but as of the moment I HAVE TOO MANY FEELS FOR THE KORRA FINALE TOMORROW SO I’LL POST THIS SEPARATELY…./sobs and spirals into space/ 

This was the old cover for the anthology that Koku made 10x more amazing before we sent it off to the printers! *v* The actual cover looks different, but I wanted to post this one too in part because I haven’t updated in ages. Again, thank you to all the artists who participated. All the contributions were absolutely gorgeous!! And special thanks to Koku and Kai who worked the hardest to make the anthology a reality!! ♥ ♥ 

I’m back!!! AP exams went well~ At least now I can relax a little until SATs and finals next month orz;;; gotta start drawing stuff for AX as well asdlfkjDKJFgurgles and here  I am drawing traps what are priorities 

Oh and for AX I’m only going to have about 3-5 inazuma buttons, so I’d like to know which charas people are interested in! Gonna be giving these out at the con~

my friend gave me 5 min to upload this \o/;;; im so in love with tsuritama right now hrnnghh (especially haru baby ////) 

still on exam leave but i hope everyone is doing well!!

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so is pokezumas a thing now

lets make it a thing.

I haven’t drawn my favorite inazuma babies for at least 3 months now lol;;;; 

Designing different outfits is pretty fun haha, even though I’m bad at it! My headcanon double-fubface pokemon team would be: swablu, glaceon, ursaring, froslass, vanilluxe, and cubchoo (TY to ruu and ruby for the pokemon suggestions!! ♥ 

It would be nice if people designed trainer outfits for their favorite inazuma charas, and formulated their own pokemon team…………/pokes pokes nudge nudge/ 

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Ahh so apparently tumblr messes up pictures in png format, so I changed it to jpg and it works now! Please full view though~

Finished my SAT exam today!! \o/

its been literally months since i uploaded crap on tumblargh a—ahaha;;;;

Hiatus Announcement + Anthology Preview

Sorry I haven’t posted art at all these last 2-3 months! @@;;; I’ve been around on tumblr/twitter, though starting today I’m banning myself from the internet for 2 weeks until SAT exams are over. Hopefully I can finish drawings once things get less hectic! ;;___;;

Here are some previews from my part of the Inazuma★Stars Anthology (still working on it on top of other things). Anyway, take care minna~~