Sorry I haven’t posted anything in weeks….I’ve been in a slump ever since AX ended. u_u Here’s something I posted on twitter today~ My InaGO shindan OC on the right, and Lacha’s on the left! I should draw them in their actual team uniforms one day lol!!

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inazuma eleven go dark ending - 愛情・情熱・熱風 (北原沙弥香)

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This was the old cover for the anthology that Koku made 10x more amazing before we sent it off to the printers! *v* The actual cover looks different, but I wanted to post this one too in part because I haven’t updated in ages. Again, thank you to all the artists who participated. All the contributions were absolutely gorgeous!! And special thanks to Koku and Kai who worked the hardest to make the anthology a reality!! ♥ ♥ 

I’m back!!! AP exams went well~ At least now I can relax a little until SATs and finals next month orz;;; gotta start drawing stuff for AX as well asdlfkjDKJFgurgles and here  I am drawing traps what are priorities 

Oh and for AX I’m only going to have about 3-5 inazuma buttons, so I’d like to know which charas people are interested in! Gonna be giving these out at the con~

Inazuma☆Stars Anthology Preorders


After months of hard work, the Inazuma☆Stars anthology is finally ready to preorder! With gorgeous artworks, 4komas, and comics from a total of 38 talented artists from all around the world, this book is guaranteed to please every Inazuma fan!! 

Inazuma☆Stars encompasses every arc of the series—from the original Season 1 Raimon to Inazuma GO—as well as the movies Inazuma Ogre and Inazuma Gryphon. It is our great pleasure to present to you Inazuma☆Stars, the anthology that represents the very friendship and bonds formed through the series. 

44+ pages full color, 44+ pages black and white 

PRICE: $30 not including shipping! (estimated around $7~10 depending on where you live!) ONLY ACCEPTING PAYPAL 

Also available at ANIME EXPO 2012 for $35!!

PREVIEWS HERE 1 | 2 | 3 (NEW!)

Aisu | Aki | Billies | Cezaria | Chan | Dae | Gisu | Halia | Kaikai | Kao | Kata | Kay Koku | KouhanLulu | Luna |  Michi | Miyukiko | Moesuke | Mochi Moko | Momo Namie | Oka | Reichi | Reka Rui | Semokan | Shiroi | Shiu | Sora Shuryou | Su | Taka | Tara | Wish | Yume | Yuuba

Send an email to with the completed form: 

1) Name (Tumblr username or real name) 

2) Number of copies

3) Shipping address

4) Any extra comments/special needs

Once we reply to your order form with the total price, send your money to!!



You might have noticed the increase of kariyas on your dash with something a liiittle off about the art

Can you match up which kariyas rightfully belong to who ?

This is the correct list 

Big applause to all the volunteering artists and congrats on our kariya hijacking success \o/!! 

this was an amazing event /tears up/ (´;ω;`) thanks nam nam for organizing it as well as everyone who participated!! my dash was wonderful on the day of april fools hehe~ ^p^

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Hiatus Announcement + Anthology Preview

Sorry I haven’t posted art at all these last 2-3 months! @@;;; I’ve been around on tumblr/twitter, though starting today I’m banning myself from the internet for 2 weeks until SAT exams are over. Hopefully I can finish drawings once things get less hectic! ;;___;;

Here are some previews from my part of the Inazuma★Stars Anthology (still working on it on top of other things). Anyway, take care minna~~


Giftart for risususu! aka ricebao~
of her shindan oc whom is sexy.
the name is Su right? *u* D; i was rushing through your pictures
sorry i cant link to the original ref also im still on my phone..
IS THIS YOUR OC? CAUSE. IF ITS NOT. yes i think it is. i was freaking out.

# When people draw my OC’s better than I can. 

Gawd Rinji I’ve already spazzed over him on twitter but homg I still cant stop freaking out about how good this is!//// It looks so official fffff—Thank you so so much!! ;//7//;

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Thank you for 2011!! Please read my long mushy letter addressed to all of you if you want…! u///u

(please dont reupload without permission! and as always, full view (◡‿◡✿))

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TYL!Fubuki doodle in Tegaki Messenger