For the InazumaStars anthology from last summer!! I miss Inazuma a lot…

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by しゃくれ

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This was the old cover for the anthology that Koku made 10x more amazing before we sent it off to the printers! *v* The actual cover looks different, but I wanted to post this one too in part because I haven’t updated in ages. Again, thank you to all the artists who participated. All the contributions were absolutely gorgeous!! And special thanks to Koku and Kai who worked the hardest to make the anthology a reality!! ♥ ♥ 


pokezuma snow bbys for Suuuuuuuu senpai! your cutest gym leaders!(゚∀゚*)

sorry for their faces I never really draw them before//OTZ

eek I just want to thank you for starting the pokezuma crossover thing i really had a looooot of fun drawing them and looking at other people’s designs////we should do things like that more!/// This really made April my fav month in 2012 already! //runs

/GURGLES/ P—PRECIOUS DARLINGS/// Ahh I think I should be the one thanking you along with all the wonderful people who joined this bandwagon!! ;//p//; I wasn’t expecting such a huge response to my pokezuma challenge lol~ it really makes me happy that people are enjoying this!! O—omg tearing up while typing this;;;; /runs away and chases after you/ 

Inazuma☆Stars Anthology Preorders


After months of hard work, the Inazuma☆Stars anthology is finally ready to preorder! With gorgeous artworks, 4komas, and comics from a total of 38 talented artists from all around the world, this book is guaranteed to please every Inazuma fan!! 

Inazuma☆Stars encompasses every arc of the series—from the original Season 1 Raimon to Inazuma GO—as well as the movies Inazuma Ogre and Inazuma Gryphon. It is our great pleasure to present to you Inazuma☆Stars, the anthology that represents the very friendship and bonds formed through the series. 

44+ pages full color, 44+ pages black and white 

PRICE: $30 not including shipping! (estimated around $7~10 depending on where you live!) ONLY ACCEPTING PAYPAL 

Also available at ANIME EXPO 2012 for $35!!

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You’re expecting this from me right

Kirino has a team of traps. His other pokemon are 6 female MACHAMP Milotic, Gothorita and Bellossom

He’s more into contests than battles but he’ll kick (kariya’s) ass if he needs to. The reason why kirino would challenge and beat gym leaders is to boast about it to kariya when he struggles… But he’ll usually feel bad after doing so, then gives kariya tips on how to beat them… and then he regrets it because kariya is just a tsun jerk

shindou has a skitty named after him. I’m not gonna write more about shindou because when i tried to was really gay

I need to paste these AU headcanons on Word so I can read them whenever I want since they are literally perfect/// Also I love it when Nam’s Kiriri teases Shiupu’s Kariyaya ehehe their interactions are too precious like here


“I will become the best pokemon trainer, just like Onii-chan ☆”

Pokezuma, challenge accepted//sorry i cant design

Yuuka is just a starter with a Lv.5 Skitty, she will have a Latias later or something and beat the crap out of the pedo bad guys.

everybody elses are so brilliant and kakkoi i can’t stop looking at them///

April will be a very fun month.

TSUUU BABUUUUU~~ SUCH A PRETTY AND FASHIONABLE DESIGN TYPICAL OF YUUKA BABE//// She’s going to be so strong one day I just know it!!! and then take over GO&G’s gym and beat the crap out of all her pedo challengers :3c 


pokezuma tsunami cause linlin did tachimukai uvu fdshfhj

wow everyone did gorgeous full bodies and i’m a lazy butt so /chucks lots of pokemon in and hope it suffices /MING

T—TUNAMANNNNNNN/////TINKK YOUR CHOICE OF POKEMON IS GREAT, THEY DEFINITELY FIT THE SPIRIT OF THE UMI~*~*~*~ Psst you and linlin should draw a shippy picture of your pokezuma charas ^p^ /KICKED/ wow man i didnt even draw pokemon in my pic how can you call yourself lazy when you have a sloth like me around 


i cannot handle the mouse pokemanzx

he is probably like youngster joey calling you every 10 minutes to tell you about how he’s gonna kick your ass next time you meet and then he loses

I was at Moko’s LS for this AND IT WAS WONDERFUL~*~* the LS was really fun I love bothering Moko at her streams heh :3c kurama is such a QT tsundere i love kurama especially when QT moko draws him~ (◡‿◡✿)  TAKE ALL MY COMPLIMENTS MOKO. 


AHHHHHH POKEZUMAAAA HEHEHEHEHEH my contribution! //// touchamoeguy coz i wanted to do a leaf one and he was the closest i could think off //// 

GONNA DO A FUDOU ONE SOMETIMEE but now gotta run gotta run ;;;

QT PATOOTIEEEE///// tachimoeguy is so cute, especially in Lin’s style ufuufuu U///U Eeeee I think he would make the best protag: a cute fresh-faced young trainer with a kind heart! CRIES I LOVE HOW YOU GUYS INCORPORATE EVEN SMALL DETAILS TO FIT THE PERSONALITY OF THE POKEZUMA TRAINERS!! ;///;


His team would be : Charizard - Arcanine - Rapidash - Flareon - Houndoom

he also own a Pansear because Gran gave it to him saying they looked alike but he never uses it

His Flaeron has the same hair style as him thanks su for that

Erumi we should have a pokemon battle between my Fubuki ice team and your Burn fire team!! Flareon with tulip hair would be really cute hehe (I can see Gazel making fun of him because of that)~ UvU 


Pokezuma: Sakuma

uhhh okay gotta stop i need to sleep /weep/ It feels good to draw inazuma again ; v ;

KAYSEEeeeeEeE S—SO ADORABLE MANG *///* the first Pokezuma Sakuma you drew was really cute as well! Your shotas have gotten even better since the last time you drew inazuma~ I want your pace of improvement AAAAAAA ;p;////


gouenji is that gym leader who is never around and then you have to go off looking for him

#and while doing that you get into a big fight with the bad guys and when things are looking bad he comes and saves you at the last minute 

I want Rui’s gakkoi tag in the description box heh. (◡‿◡✿) Mr. GO&G is one hot gym leader I wouldnt mind being saved by him!! Woah and  Rui I thought you were going to do Endou actually BUT THIS IS VERY GOOD TOO!!


Toramaru for Su’s Pokezuma !! Sorry for the awful design orz

Haven’t thought about a team of 6 Pokemon yet but I think he should have a Bisharp (because of his hissatsu Gladius Arch) and a Growlithe because of obvious reasons hehe. Maybe he should be a ground-type trainer because his element is wood? Feel free to leave me a message when you have any better ideas lol

ToraTobi bonus (Pokezuma Tobitaka by Juustozzi)


Pokezuma is wonderful ehehe /HUGSQUISHES AMI’S TORA/ (and dude check out that toratobi bonus my ship feels are on fire).