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◆ Pokemon Fan Art Anthologies Again on Sale ◆

▶ Since lot of people were interested, we brought more books from Korea for Anime Expo 2013. Now we have few books left in the inventory it’s available for mail order! The book comes with 5 prism cards (the bottom right corner image). If there is any question, please ask me through email (, DA note, or ask feature in tumblr (to be answered privately, do not make it anonymous pls!) Please hurry, we have limited copies left~! 

▶ Book Details
Price: $15.00 USD (+shipping) Comes with 5 Prism cards
13 Artists: Artist Commentary at the back is Korean
Full Color, 32 pages (excluding cover), book size B5 (7.17 × 10.12 in)
+The sale will close on July 26th, and mailed all together at July 29th.

▶ How to order
Send email to with subject [Pokemon Fan Art Book Order]. Please provide:
1) Your name
2) Mailing address
3) Paypal address
4) Number of books you want.

▶ Shipping Rates
US: $5(+$2 for additional books)
Canada: $7 (+$4 for additional books)
International: $9 (+$5 for additional books)
※Raise in Shipping due to USPS postal rate increase (Janurary 2013)

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(´•▿•)ah: Dangan Ronpa Anthology: 希望理論 -HOPE THEORY-


Hello everyone, my name is toumin!

Me, Cy, Juri, and Rui have been organizing an art book anthology for Dangan Ronpa,



cover illustration by rui! It’s read “kibou riron”!

It will contain 5 pages from each of us…

Reblog if you’re going to AX

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W-wipes tears. Switcharound meme by my friends Su, Tou and myself

I had so much fun with this, lining my friend’s drawings and coloring their lines was so much fun!! Q___Q Everything turned out so beautifully, thank you!!

HNNn this came out so lovely I can’t thank you guys enough for inviting me!! ;//-//; Drawing+skyping with Clav and Tou was super fun aaa u///u 

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I’m a closet dingle romper..

implodes from the lack of sailor moon 2013 news 


madoka for su!! i think tumblr ate my message so i’m posting it



Thank you so much omg Paula I was thinking that Godoka would look wonderful in your style and I was right she looks absolutely perfect (。♥♥。) 

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For the InazumaStars anthology from last summer!! I miss Inazuma a lot…

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i made a visual representation to express my feelings as of late