New Sailor Moon Anime's Producer: Not Remaking 1st Anime.


From Anime News Network:


Producer Atsutoshi Umezawa (Precure franchise) said in a press release posted on Friday that the new Sailor Moon anime is not a remake. He explained, “This second anime adaptation of Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon is not remaking the previous anime, but…


Happy New Year!!~*~*~

It’s still the 31st in the U.S. but I wanted to write a little something up to wrap up 2013!!

This year was not easy at all with my first quarter in college, first relationship, first time being away from everyone and everything I’ve become accustomed to. I have definitely cried more than my fair share this year but I’m proud to say that despite everything that happened I’ve become a much stronger person and (hopefully) more independent person! AHH I’m still fumbling around a lot in regards to my art, my future, and my relationships with people but I’ll never give up even when things get tough!! 

I am very grateful to all my amazing friends who are just all around astounding, talented, and wonderful people uu I feel so lucky to have met each and every one of you!! ;-; And thank you to my family for being supportive during my darkest moments of extreme finals stress and reminding me to eat and sleep properly!! And of course, thank you to all my sweet followers who haven’t given hope on me even when I don’t post anything in months. I’ll definitely draw hard, study hard, and work hard this upcoming year!! 


wow your art is so cute (: !

waa t—thank you///


You work is absolutely amazing and I'll work hard to get to your skill level eventually ❤️

thank you so much!! i feel all fluttery inside reading your message ;-; and good luck but you should shoot even higher!! please surpass my current skill level im rooting for you

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sailor moon in 21st century moe

I would totally watch this.

It actually doesn’t look too bad, but there is a bit less dynamism to the posing. I think that might a side effect of what the artist is trying to do more than an issue with moe styling. Also, they’re a lot straighter-waisted which I don’t feel is a huge moe issue, but does crop up a fair bit. BRB OVERANALYZING PICTURES.

Eugh… Moe is shit.

^hey hey it’s very rude to say that especially right on the artist’s drawing! If you have an issue with the artist’s preference of style then why don’t you make a separate text post, or better yet, not even reblog it at all? Yes it’s true that you have the freedom to blog whatever you want, but there is actually a person who put time into the drawing and automatically judging it based on the style it’s drawn in without taking into account the effort put into it is really insulting?? impolite???? inconsiderate???????

Fine, here goes. I hate the moe artstyle because it is one of the least engaging artstyles in existence. It is stiff, lifeless, boring and basic. The characters look like, and most of the time are, witless, brainless, spineless, lifeless, airheaded bags of meat worthy of nothing but contempt. A perfect example of this is the anime K-On. I fail to see any allure in it.


yes, that is your opinion and it is valid but that doesn’t mean the artist is interested in seeing it on their drawing

Frankly, I don’t give a shit.

Whoaaa…Everyone entitled to their own opinion but I think it draws the line from being opinionated to being down right rude and uncalled for. You’re allowed to think however you like but please try to keep those comments to yourself or on your blog and not on the artist’s post itself. Someone put a lot of time and effort into this beautiful piece and to say such things is just being plain rude. 

I think a lot people who haven’t tried this style don’t realize how hard it is to do. Every line is essential to describing every form inside the artwork. When a single line is out of place it’s horribly obvious. :C I’ve tried drawing in this style so many times and I honestly just can’t make it flow or make it as beautiful as Su draws it. One missplaced line or form can easily ruin the drawing and there is no fudge room between the forms. Unlike painting where you can (imo) get a lot of leeway when describing the forms and structures that make up the drawing. I think Su’s drawings always have such life to them as they are drawn with a lot of heart and passion and you can really tell that she really enjoys drawing each and every picture she does.  

A lot of work and patience goes into each of these drawings and it takes a lot of time and dedication to create them. I think it’s horribly uncalled for to put down someone’s passion and style just because you don’t particularly enjoy said style. An artist’s work is so much more than their personal style. In each of these drawings there is so many years of patience and frustration that’s built up into every drawing and I think so easily dismissing that is just rude. You might not enjoy this style but I hope that next time you’ll think about the person behind the drawing and keep your opinions to yourself. 

sailor moon in 21st century moe 


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◆ Pokemon Fan Art Anthologies Again on Sale ◆

▶ Since lot of people were interested, we brought more books from Korea for Anime Expo 2013. Now we have few books left in the inventory it’s available for mail order! The book comes with 5 prism cards (the bottom right corner image). If there is any question, please ask me through email (, DA note, or ask feature in tumblr (to be answered privately, do not make it anonymous pls!) Please hurry, we have limited copies left~! 

▶ Book Details
Price: $15.00 USD (+shipping) Comes with 5 Prism cards
13 Artists: Artist Commentary at the back is Korean
Full Color, 32 pages (excluding cover), book size B5 (7.17 × 10.12 in)
+The sale will close on July 26th, and mailed all together at July 29th.

▶ How to order
Send email to with subject [Pokemon Fan Art Book Order]. Please provide:
1) Your name
2) Mailing address
3) Paypal address
4) Number of books you want.

▶ Shipping Rates
US: $5(+$2 for additional books)
Canada: $7 (+$4 for additional books)
International: $9 (+$5 for additional books)
※Raise in Shipping due to USPS postal rate increase (Janurary 2013)

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(´•▿•)ah: Dangan Ronpa Anthology: 希望理論 -HOPE THEORY-


Hello everyone, my name is toumin!

Me, Cy, Juri, and Rui have been organizing an art book anthology for Dangan Ronpa,



cover illustration by rui! It’s read “kibou riron”!

It will contain 5 pages from each of us…

Reblog if you’re going to AX

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W-wipes tears. Switcharound meme by my friends Su, Tou and myself

I had so much fun with this, lining my friend’s drawings and coloring their lines was so much fun!! Q___Q Everything turned out so beautifully, thank you!!

HNNn this came out so lovely I can’t thank you guys enough for inviting me!! ;//-//; Drawing+skyping with Clav and Tou was super fun aaa u///u 

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I’m a closet dingle romper..